Solar Power


On 9 May, Global Green USA joined President Obama in Mountain View, California to announce over 300 public and private commitments to advancing solar deployment, as part of the President’s vision for increased investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Drawing on its expertise in green building for affordable housing, Global Green USA committed to solar installations across California that will collectively total 1MW by 2017.

Global Green’s Green Affordable Housing Initiative will offer integrative design counsel to up to six affordable housing projects per year in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego. Each will include an average of 50 kW of solar power – the system size typically installed to meet annual common area demands.

Global Green was invited by the White House to make this commitment based on its track record, having installed and certified more than 2,000 solar units already, including the first two LEED Platinum Zero Energy Affordable Housing projects in California.

Offshore Wind Power

Green Cross produced a guide for actors responding to the public debate about offshore wind power in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc and has contributed to a number of public meetings on the topic. The organization has also helped to mobilise the network of Breton entrepreneurs on issues and opportunities presented by offshore wind power, and on the necessity of accompanying these processes with ecologically responsible practices, energy efficiency and the return to a 4D energy cluster.