Smart Water for Green Schools breaks ground in Ghana

The Smart Water for Green Schools project at the Al-Iman School in Ghana was officially inaugurated 9 March with a groundbreaking ceremony thereby making the school the first in the pilot phase of the project. This new project seeks to build rainwater harvesting systems and ecological latrines at schools in order to provide a reliable supply of water, hygiene and sanitation facilities, as well as environmental education to students, teachers, and parents living in transboundary river basins.

Construction of the five thousand (5,000) gallon capacity Rainwater Harvesting Tank started the following day with men and women from the village coming together to assist with the construction. Work on the construction of the Rain Water Harvesting System is 75% complete and when completed the Tank will measure 10 feet high, 8 feet wide and 8 feet long. The installation of the rain gutters on top of the school to channel the rainwater into the tank will occur at the end of the month. The construction of the ecological latrines is also underway.
The inaugural ceremony included speeches by the Headmaster of the school, President and CEO of GC Ghana Mubarick Masawudu, the District Chief Executive, the Chairman of the School Management Committee and the Deputy District Director of Education. Also in attendance at the ceremony were the rest of the GC Ghana team, the District planning officer, the Presiding Member of the District Assembly, the District Coordinating Director, members from the District Education Service, parents and teachers, selected students and community members. In total 180 people were on hand to celebrate the start of the project.
During the pilot phase in Ghana, the project will extend to four more schools around the country and will include an exchange of experiences among the students.
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