Smart Water for Green Schools Drawing Competition

On 30 November Green Cross Ghana held a drawing competition at the Makango School, one of the pilot schools of the Smart Water for Green Schools (SWGS) project in Ghana.

Children from eleven classes participated in the contest by drawing pictures of what water means for them, except for the kindergarten classes, who coloured in a picture of members of the community collecting water. GCI partner Pureology sponsored the contest with a winner and two runner-ups being selected from each class, who were then honored at an award ceremony held the following day.
The winning designs are available as holiday season e-cards that can be sent from the GCI website.
Located in Northern Ghana with around 580 pupils, the project at Makango School is being entirely sponsored by Pureology UK & Ireland. The smart water system consists of a rainwater harvesting system and six ecological latrines that provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to the children and teachers. The project will also include improvement of boreholes to ensure clean water for the entire community, as well as hygiene and sanitation education modules for the school.
Launched in Ghana in February 2010, Smart Water for Green Schools seeks to provide sustainable safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, and environmental and health education to children and their local community.
Check out the Smart Water for Green Schools Facebook page to see pictures of the competition including some of the drawings.
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