SocMed Activities Program 2007 sheds light on local projects

GC Switzerland released the annual Social and Medical Activities Program. The program report outlines and presents the results of the projects existing today in the SocMed Programme for the year 2007, giving some insight on the performance and evolution of projects worldwide.

The international Social and Medical Care Programme of Green Cross International (GCI) aims to strengthen the medical, social, psychological and cultural empowerment of poverty-stricken areas around the world affected by the consequences of conflict. Notably, the SocMed program strives to improve the health of families in radioactive or chemically contaminated areas through a wide range of projects including therapy camps, mother and child counselling, training, preventive healthcare and orthopaedic assistance services. Today, SocMed projects have extended to include a wide range of projects in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam and Laos.
The Activities Program provides an overview of the projects around the world and reflects the strong potential of projects to develop on a wider scale with the aim of saving more lives in vulnerable populations.
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