Solar Energy brings light to Pakistan

According to Reuters, a rise in electricity demands and rapid growth have made power outages commonplace for Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, however solar energy is providing a solution.

Pakistani businesses are now offering affordable alternative energy sources such as solar panels. Demand for solar panel systems is increasing because they are cost effective and provide relief from rolling blackouts, which experts say negatively affect the everyday lives of Islamabad’s residents.

Green Cross International and Global Green USA launched the Smart Energy Program in 1995, focusing on promoting a transition to clean and renewable forms of energy for all. Through use of the Global Solar Report Card, Green Cross national organizations, like Global Green USA, outline successes and failures of designing policy frameworks for solar development. 

Green Cross Japan donated PVC/LED solar streetlights to Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka as well as to the UN Office at Geneva in 2005.

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