Spiez Laboratory is a Swiss institute that works to protect against nuclear, biological and chemical threats and hazards. The primary vision of Spiez Laboratory is of a world without weapons of mass destruction. The Laboratory, which received a Green Star Award in 2009, is a part of the Swiss Office for Civil Protection and provides scientific and technical expertise in dealing with nuclear, biological and chemical incidents. In conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme, Spiez Laboratory has worked withthe Post-Conflict and Disaster Management branch to provide important assistance in the wake of emergencies.

Before the Green Star Award

Spiez Laboratory has been providing support and capability on an international scale for over 25 years. In the past decade, it has developed very close ties with UNEP, which has allowed the Laboratory to become more active in its international missions. Spiez Laboratory has provided an increasing number of environmental assessments, as well as capacity-building sessions and missions on a global scale.

After the Green Star Award

Spiez Laboratory was very proud to receive the Green Star Award in 2009. Despite the laboratory still functioning along more or less the same guidelines as it did before the Award, the Green Star Award gave Spiez laboratory the opportunity to strengthen its international cooperation, in particular the partnership with UNEP and OCHA.

Plans for the future

The Laboratory intends to continue along the same trajectory as before the award, only with more recognition and awareness for what the Spiez Laboratory does. The Green Star Award has also served to underline the fact that environmental analysis has a role to play in a governmental laboratory that is primarily focused on nuclear, biological and chemical threats and disarmament. The acknowledgement of Spiez Laboratory’s international presence is a valuable and welcome nod to the fine work of the Laboratory’s staff.