Starbucks and Action Carting Inc. launch paper cup recycling pilot in NYC

Starbucks Coffee Company, with Action Carting Environmental Services Inc., launched a paper cup recycling pilot programme at 86 of its New York City stores on 14 September. The pilot leverages a recycling model developed through Global Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery, of which Starbucks and Action Carting are members.
Last fall, Starbucks and Action Carting participated in an initial recycling pilot led by Global Green. The pilot took place over an eight-week period at seven Starbucks stores in Manhattan. Customers were encouraged to use in-store paper cup recycling bins. The cups were pre-screened for recyclability and collected with corrugated boxes by Action Carting.
Starbucks current recycling pilot will provide the field data needed to examine the potential of this programme across the US. It will test a variety of end uses for Starbucks cups. The results of this large-scale pilot have the potential to institutionalize recycling across the foodservice industry and influence the redesign of all fiber-based food packaging for recyclability. As the pioneer of the initial seven-store test, Global Green will continue to serve as a third-party technical consultant for evaluating end uses for the cups.
For more information, visit the Coalition for Resource Recovery website.

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