Sustainability Spotlight shines on Green Cross Italy’s Energy Savings Day

This Friday, 14 February, Green Cross Italy will join a campaign started by RaiRadio2 “Caterpillar” called “M’illumino di meno” or “Energy Savings Day”.

For the past ten years, RaiRadio2 has promoted energy conservation during this global, one hour event.

From 6-7pm your time anywhere in the world, all people, businesses, organizations and governments are invited to turn off their lights and electrical devices.  Green Cross Italy, in addition to providing energy saving tips and technical advice, has also invited Green Cross branches all over the world to participate.

In 2013, several European cities embraced this idea of “energy silence” by turning off the lights surrounding some of their most well known monuments.  Attractions such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon in Rome, Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Arena in Verona along with other famous landmarks in cities like Dublin, Vienna, Barcelona, London and Athens have participated in the event.  Terna, the main electricity provider in Italy, recorded a significant decline in power consumption after the lights were turned off for the event around the boot-shaped country.

As part of the gesture to turn off energy consuming products, it is also encouraged to turn on energy smart products, such as “clean” lightbulbs.

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