Sustainability Spotlight shines on Rural Better Life Promoters

In the Rukura Health Center Zone in the Gakenke District of a northern province of Rwanda, Rural Better Life Promoters (RBLP) brings sustainable agriculture to rural communities.  The program focuses on teaching residents to grow and maintain their own kitchen gardens, aiding the fight against malnutrition.

RBLP started through the creation of a community association.  The goal is to enable people to grow their own vegetables using sustainable techniques, composting as well as raising rabbits for meat.  Households able to donate 250 Rwandan Francs, or about 37 cents, participate in RBLP’s program.  These donations cover costs such as buying seeds, materials to build rabbit pens and rabbits, as well as other necessary materials for the gardens.

Currently, the program benefits 47 families. It also offers opportunities for these families to improve their social and economic status through the acquisition of agricultural skills.

“As a health provider, my colleagues and I experience daily life with people in this rural area.  We are faced with the reality of their poverty which leads to problems of chronic malnutrtition, particularly amongst children.  We mobilized ourselves to create RBLP to alleviate hunger and encourage economic stability,” said Isaac Gakuru, one of the RBLP organizers.  “I hope for the future that this project will reach as many families as possible, giving them a better quality of life.”

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