Sustainability Spotlight shines on the International Uranium Film Festival

Each week, Green Cross International highlights people or organizations dedicated to finding solutions to the world’s environmental issues as part of our Sustainability Spotlight series.  For the very first entry in our series, Green Cross International is proud to Spotlight the International Uranium Film Festival.

The International Uranium Film Festival is a film festival established to unite filmmakers and the public in telling stories about “the nuclear fuel chain and radioactive issues” and how those issues affect the planet and its people.

According to the International Uranium Film Festival website, “the nuclear world has produced over 200,000 metric tons of high-level radioactive waste during the past sixty years. This waste will remain hazardous for 100,000 years – yet there are no viable solutions for its safe, permanent disposal. It is our responsibility to inform societies and future generations about the dangers of radioactivity.”

The festival was created in 2011 in Santa Teresa, the famous artist’s quarter of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Since that time, the festival has traveled all over the world, from Rio to New Delhi, Berlin to New Mexico.

This year, the Uranium Film Festival will be held in Brooklyn, New York from February 14-18 and they are seeking entries from independent filmmakers.  Films submitted may be short length or feature films in documentary, comedy, drama, animation or other experimental genres concerning nuclear issues, radioactivity, uranium exploration and any and all elements related to those issues.

At the heart of the festival, it is believed “that public education and open discussion of these dangers will lead to a more peaceful, healthy future. Filmmaking and the Uranium Film Festival are tools to inform future generations – and to promote a safe, sustainable future without nuclear risks.”

For more information about the International Uranium Film Festival or on details concerning entry into the competition, please reference the links below:

International Uranium Film Festival Home

Enter the Contest

To directly contact the organization you may send an email.

The film festival is also looking for donations and support so it can continue providing education and awareness around the globe.  Click here to donate to the film festival.

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