Sustainability Spotlight shines on Totus Power

Over 500,000 government funded and low-cost schools in Africa and Asia are plagued by frequent power cuts lasting from four hours to an entire day.  Schools with the resources to invest in laptops, tablets and computers for their students cannot overcome the faulty electrical infrastructure of their countries.  Students then fall behind not only in their studies, but lack the necessary skills to get a good job, lifting them out of poverty.

Shiv Rajendran, founder and CEO of Totus Power, has made it his mission to “power education across thousands of low cost schools in developing nations.”  As he states, “I grew up in India where extreme wealth and poverty exist side-by-side. I wanted to do something to help change the situation.

Totus Power supplies a “modular power pack” constructed with lithium ion batteries to schools in need.  The product, called Jupiter6, utilizes cutting edge engineering from electric cars and delivers the same output as conventional battery packs while weighing less and costing 10 times less. Totus Power has also eliminated toxic components to its Jupiter6 batteries and can recharge multiple battery operated devices simultaneously.

Totus Power is a startup that has garnered lots of support and funding and has already tested Jupiter6 in Mumbai and Hyderabad, India.

For more information, visit the Totus Power website.