Sustainomics, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Course

Title of event: Compressed Course: Sustainomics, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, offered by the Vale Institute of Sustainable Development and Munasinghe Institute for Development.

Date and time: 19 June, 9am – 4pm

Venue: VALER, Av Presidente Wilson 231, Palácio Austregésilo de Athayde, 7 andar, 20030-905 Rio de Janeiro

Details: This compressed course on sustainable development and sustainomics will include 6 x 1 hour sessions of lectures and discussion, delivered over 1 day. Individual plug-in modules permit the course to be custom designed to fit specific training needs. Various versions of the course have been attended by over 1500 participants, including ministers, legislators, senior officials, policy analysts, researchers and university students in many countries.

The course provides coverage of core theory and many detailed case studies covering a wide range of applications relating to sustainable development – focusing on key areas like climate change, energy, agriculture-water resources, primary forests, infrastructure, and extreme events.

The course is offered free of charge, and upon successful completion of the full course, participants will be better able to:
1.understand the critical issues underlying sustainable development in terms of its economic, social and environmental dimensions;
2. be familiar with the basic concepts and indicators of sustainable development so as to be able to define, frame and resolve issues;
3. assess and present alternative approaches to sustainable development, especially in critical sectors and areas like climate change and from a decision making perspective, taking into account economic, social and environmental issues;
4. apply the tools of sustainomics (including Action Impact Matrix, sustainable development analysis, multi-criteria analysis, etc.);
5. identify and undertake research in the field.

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