“The postman’s white nights” wins Green Drop Award

The movie “The postman’s white nights” from Andrej Končalovskij has been awarded the 2014 Green Drop Award at the 71st Venice Film Festival. This price is assigned yearly to the movie best representing the values of ecology and environmental sustainability.

The jury composed of Silvia Scola, Blasco Giurato and Chiara Tonelli has recongnised this movie for “its deep reflection on the relationship between men and between men and nature whose future lies in our hands if only we are ready to assume the responsibility”.

“The postman’s white nights” tells the story of a comunity in a remote Russian village on the lake Kenozero. The few inhabitants can connect with the world only by crossing the lake with a boat. Even though a modern space centre is being built nearby, the inhabitants of the village still live like a millenium ago, producing for themselves just what they need to survive. Končalovskij commented: “In the last years I started to think that modern cinema was trying to free the spectators from any contemplation. This movie is my attempt to discover the alternative options hidden behind the moving pictures accompanied by the sound. The attempt to watch the world with the eyes of a new-born baby. Maybe this movie is my attempt to refine my hearing with the silent whisper of the universe.”

This price is awarded jointly by Green Cross Italy and the City of Venice. This year’s ceremony took place on the MS Turanor PlanetSolar, the world’s biggest solar boat.

For further information please refer to www.greendropaward.com or www.greencrossitalia.org