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As part of its response to this water crisis, GCI launched the Smart Water for Green Schools (SWGS) programme in February 2010 in the Volta River basin in Ghana. The programme is now active in 26 villages in Ghana, 22 in Bolivia and 1 in China. SWGS provides about 48,000 people with regular access to safe drinking water.

The programme supports the practical realization of the universal Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation through four main activities:

  • Equipping schools with rainwater harvesting systems
  • Providing schools with ecological sanitation facilities
  • Installing other water systems, such as wells and boreholes, for the wider community
  • Developing environmental, hygiene and health education programmes.

SWGS is stakeholder driven; a central element of the initiative is the training and employment of local people to build, maintain and repair the new facilities.  Education and awareness-raising are key components, and Green Cross teams work with local authorities, teachers and experts to promote the importance of sustainable water management and good hygiene amongst students at schools involved in the project.

Providing water and sanitation services to schools engages children, their parents and other community members to improve water security and maintain their role as guardians and agents of transformational change.

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