We’ve put together a small selection of tips to help you lead a more sustainable life and protect our planet. The good thing is all these tips will save you money too!

Water is precious – even small actions can significantly reduce our water consumption. Fitting low-flow adapters on taps and making sure your showerhead is an efficient one can make a massive difference.

Don’t waste a drop – A dripping tap can typically waste around 15 litres of water a day, or 5,500 litres per year. Fix any leaking toilets too!

Cut one minute off your shower time – for a typical shower with a flow of 10 litres per minute, you’ll save over 3,600 litres per year; this is equivalent to four years worth of drinking water for a single person!

If you like your water cold keep a jug of tap water in the fridge – waiting for the tap to run cold can waste more than 10 litres a day!

Collect rainwater in your garden to water your plants and flowers.

Turn off the tap when brushing teeth or washing dishes or you will literally be able to watch money go down the drain!

Eat sustainably – organic food does not use pesticides and it is better for the planet and your health; if you eat meat regularly, make one day a week ‘meatless’; buy in season, and ensure fish and seafood are always sustainably sourced.

Get informed about embedded water – did you know an apple has 70 litres of embedded water, whilst a hamburger needs 2,400 litres?

Avoid plastic bottles – take a reusable bottle with you instead, and for meetings provide filtered tap water.

Stretch your legs – if you can, leave the car at home and try public transport, walk or bike! More than 50% of car trips are for less than 5 kilometres.

Wash your clothes at cooler temperatures and avoid dryers to save energy and money. Only run machines when you have a full load, that goes for dishwashers too!

Change those bulbs – do you still have incandescent bulbs in your home? Its time to catch up and ensure all your lights use energy efficient bulbs, old style bulbs are being phased out in many countries.

E-cycle – Each year we throw away more and more electronic equipment, most of which goes to landfill. It is easy to dispose of this in the proper way so it can be recycled safely.

Unplug – be sure to switch off your computer and other appliances like televisions as they still cost you money when they are on standby mode.

Turn off the lights – When no one is in the room, think about turning off the lights and even if no one is home, turning off the lights can save you money on your energy bill.

If it’s yellow –  flushing the toilet every time will use about 75 liters of water.  Think “if it’s yellow, let it mellow.”

Save water while you shower – use water only to rinse and cut off the faucet while you’re lathering up.

Change your showerhead –  to a more ecological, water saving showerhead.

Fix leaky faucets –  Over 37 liters of water a day are wasted because of leaky faucets and toilets so make sure to have them regularly checked.

Shower vs. Bath – Taking a bath can use around 260 liters of water.  Opt for a shower instead.

Wash a full load – When using the dishwasher and washing machine, be sure that you only wash when you have a full load, or adjust the settings of the machine for smaller loads so as not to waste water.

Nearly 60% of your daily water footprint comes from watering outdoors.  Think about the weather and if you really need to water those plants just before a rainstorm.

Reduce meat consumption – If you really want to cut your water footprint, opt for local fruits and vegetables as opposed to meat.  A vegan will consume 2271 gallons less a day of water than someone who eats meat.  A single serving of chicken requires 360 liters of water!

Think twice about coffee –  One cup of coffee uses 208 liters of water to make, the bulk of this water usage goes to growing the beans.

Carpool to save water –  It requires nearly 50 liters of water to produce four liters of gas, so if you can use public transportation, carpool or ride a bike, opt for those options.

Recycle paper always – Recycling one pound of paper will save 13 liters of water!

The water used to create your laptop could wash nearly 70 loads in a standard machine!

Use the sun – Use the position of the sun to heat and cool your home.

Make your home more energy efficient – check for drafts or faulty seals around windows and doors.

Finally, remember the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!