TV report: How water scarcity sparks conflict

This informative Russia Today TV report, and story, sheds light on the global water crisis, and, in particular, how water scarcity is a cause for conflicts between countries, surpassing oil as a source of tension. Between 1951-2013, Russia Today reports that around 170 water-related conflicts have been recorded around the world. The report examines water tensions in the Middle East and Africa.

Green Cross advocates for the coming into force of the United Nations Watercourses Convention, which is the sole legal framework that exists for the fair and equitable sharing of cross-border water sources, like rivers and underground reservoirs.

Mikhail Gorbachev, founded of Green Cross International, has long urged action to ensure access to water for all, and warned against the potential of water being a source of wars, such as in this keynote statement he made to the opening of the 2012 World Water Forum.

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