UN Side Event: Environmental Quality Protection Foundation

Title of side event: Forests, Livelihoods and Green Economy

Date and time: 16 June, 1.30pm-3pm

Venue: RioCentro Convention Center Room P3-E, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Event synopsis: The lead organiser for this event is the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation (EQPF) who also act as the Green Cross Information Office in Taiwan.

The theme of this side event builds on the notion that environment stewardship and economic development are not mutually exclusive. Presentations will focus on identifying the critical role forests play in climate change and green economy at local, national, and global level. We will bring together experts in forest management from various organizations, and the speakers will share their expertise and real time experiences to demonstrate the relationship among forests, livelihoods, and green economy. They will also elaborate on the functions of forests, from carbon sequestration, water conservation to livelihoods development.

In 2009, the record-heavy rain brought by the typhoon Morakot caused serious floods and mudslides in Taiwan, devastating peoplefs lives. That was a typical case of extreme climate. After the disaster, the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation (EQPF), the Red Cross Society (Taiwan) and the Forestry Bureau of Taiwan initiated a series of reforestation projects at the mudslide areas, with the goal to restore the environment as well as local peoples’ livelihoods.

The programme includes speakers from the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China, Green Cross International, Green Belt Movement, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Forestry Bureau and EQPF.

There will be an opportunity to draft a framework of forest governance schemes with the context of global initiative to transition to a green economy at Rio+20. We believe this side event will not only heat up discussions regarding the critical role forests play in green economy but also stimulate real changes in international and local forest governance.

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