UN side event: Green Cross, Earth Charter & Club of Rome

TheShifting sustainability horizons: Making or Painting the Economy Green” was held on 21 June at Rio+ 20 RioCentro Convention Centre.

President Mikhail Gorbachev was urged at the 1992 Earth Summit to create a “Red Cross for the environment.” 20 years later, Green Cross International returned to Brazil joined by eminent partners the Club of Rome and the Earth Charter Initiative to stage a side event to discuss the critical need for collaboration and action to protect our planet and develop our world sustainably.

Civil society, science, business and government must each support the other to arrive at a common understanding and approach to promoting a model of sustainable development that will safeguard Earth and ensure the continuation of the Human race.

This side event saw eminent leaders from government, science, civil society and business discuss the urgent need for change in political, social and economic systems so to reduce the destruction of our planet’s ecology and ensure the healthy, peaceful continuation of our Human race.

Together, these three bodies offer a broad, united platform for presenting credible, scientifically justifiable, socially conscious and politically achievable guidance and options for responding to our planet’s climate change challenges and related threats, including deforestation, the water crisis, extreme weather events, poverty and insecurity.

Nobel laureates, former heads of state, business leaders, environmental experts and sustainability leaders were available to offer concise and insightful views on the directions humanity needs to take to promote sustainable development.

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