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The Environmental Diaries project remains Green Cross’ flagship educational activity for youth, playing a key role in Green Cross’ aim to run an education activity in every country where a national organization is present – either as a stand-alone project or as a component of another programme.

In 2015 the Green Cross Environmental Diaries celebrated their 16th anniversary, maintaining their popularity among elementary schools and sponsors in Japan. Some 100,000 students now participate every year, and 6,000 new applications for the diary contest are received annually. The Japanese Ministry for Education participated in the award ceremony in 2013, presenting a Ministerial award to students and schools, and in 2014 Green Cross Japan (GCJ) obtained support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its efforts to expand the programme to more overseas countries.

In Japan, GCJ is now the implementing body of the National Environment Painting Contest, helping organize schoolteachers on environmental education – a role that will draw on GCJ’s long experience with the diary programme. Every year some graduates of the dairy programme also offer their help as volunteers, showing how deeply the programme takes root in students’ lives.

Green Cross Korea has run an environmental diary project since 2011, reaching another 100,000 students through this activity.

Green Cross Sri Lanka celebrated its 10th anniversary since being established in 2005, when the Diary programme was introduced in the country thanks to the support of GCJ. The programme started with 100 students, and now involves more than 7,000. GCJ sent supporters to join the celebration and award ceremony, which was attended by 1,000 students, teachers and parents, as well as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, the Minister of Education, the Minister of the Environment and the President of Mitsubishi Sri Lanka.