Earth Dialogues 2013

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The 2013 Earth Dialogues were held on 3 September 2013, and attracted leading figures of international politics, science, business and civil society in the search for solutions to resolve the most pressing and interconnected challenges of insecurity, poverty and environmental degradation.

The daylong 7th edition of the Earth Dialogues was held at the United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland, and was titled Pathways into the Future – Triggers of Change. It was held at a time of deep crisis in multilateralism, hallmarked by a lack of consensus, and coordinated international action, to respond to rampant ecological breakdown, globalization and disparities between rich and poor.

The conference’s objective was to demonstrate how multilateralism can – and must – be recalibrated to meet these challenges. The event provided a launching pad for initiatives to bolster effective multilateral action, and Geneva, the cradle for international modern consensus and cooperation, offers a perfect platform.

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