Voices for the Future – Global Crises and the Human Potential

Alexander Likhotal, President of Green Cross International will be among the participants at the “Trilogue Salzburg” which will focus on the above theme (14-16 August 2009) in Salzburg, Austria. The event brings opinion leaders, decision-makers and renowned representatives from several fields to engage in crosscutting, inter-cultural and future-oriented discussion.

Originally initiated by Dr. Wolfgang Schussel, former Austrian chancellor and member of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Supervisory Board, the Salzburg Trilogue has been jointly organized since 2007 by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs.
Under the topic “Voices for the Future: Global Crises and the Human Potential” the participants will reflect on some of the most important strategies for sustainable development: leadership and education for sustainability, frameworks for global collaborative action, and reforms in global governance structures.
The Trilogue Salzburg intends to:
Bring together and connect “voices for the future”, e.g. Young Leaders and change agents from all walks of life such as politics, business and the arts;
Highlight and support the human potential to address the world’s profound crises with a special emphasis on individual behavioural changes as well as on systemic changes and emerging Global Action Networks;
Collectively arrive at a better understanding of best practices, success criteria and challenges of strategies for sustainable development.
Among the participants are: His Royal Highness Prince Turki AL-FAISAL, Maestro Daniel BARENBOIM, Peter BLOM, Malte Christopher BOECKER, LL.M., Victor L.L. CHU, Tom CUMMINGS, Dr. Vishakha N. DESAI, Aart DE GEUS, Bo EKMANN, Frithjof FINKBEINER, Michael FLEISCHHACKER, Prof. Jurgen FLIMM, Jerome Clayton GLENN, Dr. Margaretha KOPEINIG, Pascal LAMY, Martin LEES, Prof. Jean-Pierre LEHMANN, Alexander LIKHOTEL, Marilyn MEHLMANN, Liz MOHN, Dr. Surendra MUNSHI, Hartmut OSTROWSKI, Karl-Henrik ROBÈRT, Courtney Sale ROSS, Dr. Michael SPINDELEGGER, Dr. Wolfgang SCHÜSSEL, Dr. Veit SORGER and Dr. Gunter THIELEN.
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