Water now flowing to Pulawala Village in Sri Lanka thanks to Green Cross project

In September 2015, Green Cross completed the construction of a water supply system for Pulawala Village in Sri Lanka, started in 2014. The project was carried out by Green Cross Sri Lanka with support from Green Cross Japan, Smart Water for Green Schools (Green Cross’ flagship water project), and the Acqua for Life partnership with Giorgio Armani. There are now 198 households (with over 1,000 residents in all) benefiting from the new system.

20151023_034545395_iOS smallThe system supplies 40,000 litres of WHO-standard potable water daily, and it ensures all households in the village have access to a sufficient amount of safe drinking water throughout the year.

Under the agreement struck with the local authority, Green Cross took charge of constructing the water tower while the municipality built water distribution pipelines throughout the community. Meanwhile, Green Cross introduced environmental diary programmes to two local elementary schools to teach students about ecology, water and sanitation, and raised awareness of conservation and protecting biodiversity.

SL-high_res_2-2With the project completed, an agreement to ensure long-term maintenance of the water supply system, including replacement of filters, regular water-quality check-ups, etc., was signed by local authority, village water committee and Green Cross Sri Lanka. A partnership with a local hospital was also established to track health conditions of villagers and quantify any improvement in water-related illnesses due to the new clean water system.

Pulawala, in the Ampare District, Eastern Province, is located in a dry area that had been affected by civil war until 2009 – in the past it has constantly suffered from scarce water supplies. The villagers had developed high incidences of various illnesses such as diarrhea and dysentery due to the lack of access to clean water.

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