Water resources in Palestine: How best to manage them ?

Green Cross International, represented by its vice-president Bertrand Charrier, participated today to the conference “Sustainable development and management of water in Palestine”, held in Amman, Jordan from the 27th to the 29th August.

The conference focuses on the challenges facing the Palestinian water sector and aims to demonstrate how solutions can be found through applied, innovative research and programmes of sustainable development and management, as well as capacity- building.
During his presentation, Mr. Charrier stressed the urgency to provide a legal framework to the Right to Water. “The right to water is mentioned more or less explicitly in a number of international legal documents “.Nevertheless, there is no international instrument that would guarantee every person the right to economically affordable drinking water, oblige national authorities to respect this right, and, what is even more important, provide a model and a mechanism for its implementation,” he said.
Mr. Charrier called for greater collaboration in transboundary river basin management and “immediate action in the Middle-East”: “Water is one of the most critical issues that the Jordan River Valley region will need to resolve in the very near future. High population growth and economic development will inevitably increase demand for the water of an already over-stretched ecosystem”. Only an Integrated, Ecosystemic International Watercourses Management, based on a regional approach with the broad endorsement of the people and the governments of the region, can bring a peaceful and sustainable solution to the problem.
Green Cross International has established the Water for Peace programme, which aims to promote cooperation and conflict resolution throughout the world¹s transboundary river basins. This effort is illustrated by GCI’s current efforts to help protect limited water resources  including groundwater – from pollution in Israel and Palestine.
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