Maksym Tymoshenko

Professor Maksym Tymoshenko has been the President of Green Cross Ukraine since 2012, following a long, impactful career focused on culture and social development on a national level.
He is an economist (MBA, 1996; Ph.D., 2013), a Professor (2017), and an Honored Art Worker of Ukraine (2015). In 2006, Maksym Tymoshenko was awarded Ukraine’s Order of Merit of the 3rd degree.
In his role as President of the international social and patriotic foundation “Dni Ukrainy”, Prof. Tymoshenko launched the international project “Days of Ukraine in Europe”, which took place in France, Italy, Vatican City and Monaco with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In 2005, he was named an Ambassador for Peace of the Universal Peace Federation, which has a consultative status at the United Nations.

During the Green Cross International General Assembly in October 2017, Maksym Tymoshenko declared his determination to work to attract new partners concerned with sustainable development in the future, and was elected a member of the GCI Board in a unanimous vote.