World University Consortium to launch its new website

The World University Consortium (WUC) is announcing the launch of its new website, in preparation for a meeting at the Library of Alexandria on February 12-14, 2014 for charter members and advisors.

The website will be used as a nexus of news, ideas and information accessible by educators and students alike.  Included in the site are news reports citing examples of developments in the fields of higher education, research articles and other items related to educational practices and implementation.

The WUC website will also provide links to events, conferences and publications concerning relevant topics.  The creators of the site hope that users will see it “as a field for interacting and networking between WUC member institutions and the wider field of global higher education.”  The WUC encourages people to submit contributions, enriching the website and the value of its content.

The WUC’s mission is to “evolve and promote the development of accessible, affordable, quality higher education worldwide, based on a human-centered approach.”

President of Green Cross International, Alexander Likhotal, serves on the board of members for WUC.

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