World Water Day 2011: Advocating for the use of Rainwater Harvesting

In celebration of World Water Day today, Green Cross International has joined together with other NGOs to advocate for the use of Rainwater Harvesting in a joint statement.
Issued by the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance and the International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, the statement is being undersigned by other organizations, including GCI to strongly advocate for the use of rainwater harvesting as an affordable and reliable solution to secure a safe water supply.
Local rainwater harvesting solutions are still underused but do greatly enhance water security, as the statement highlights. They should therefore be included in the integrated water resource management strategies of the countries, implemented and taught in the relevant curricula and trainings.
GCI is promoting and implementing diversified water supply systems in its water projects. One such project is GCI’s Smart Water for Green Schools (SWGS) project in Ghana. As part of SWGS, rainwater-harvesting systems are built at schools with local masons being trained to maintain the systems and build new ones. The systems are installed on the roofs of school buildings, where rainwater is captured and diverted into storage tanks. School children and community members can then monitor, treat and use the captured water at their disposal, creating both personal and communal interest in managing the systems. Rainwater provides a good supplement to other water sources, alleviating pressure on these sources. It also acts as a buffer for emergencies and can help reduce erosion and flooding.

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