World Water Week 2007 – Green Cross International highlights solution

On the occasion of the World Water Week 2007 (12-18 August 2007), Green Cross International and WWF convened a session on the theme “Global Warming, Impacts on Transboundary Watersheds and Cooperation among Basin Countries”. The event addressed the legal and political dimensions of the freshwater/climate change debate in the context of transboundary river basins, with a view to assessing how the UN Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses can support countries in cooperating at the basin level to adapt and respond to the impacts of global warming.

The event provided some background information on the impacts of climate change on freshwater resources and their policy implications in transboundary river basins. The event also presented a brief overview of the UN Watercourses Convention.
“Fresh water is not a global resource. It is a regional resource, available within specific watersheds.” said GCI Vice-President Bertrand Charrier. Mr. Charrier gave a detailed presentation highlighting the implications of climate change to the world’s security and the need to develop and implement a legal framework for the right to water and the management of transboundary rivers.
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